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After the Arthur Andersen and Enron fiasco in the beginning of the decade, the accounting profession took a rough tumble and the industry�s reputation for integrity was dragged in to the mud. Shortly after a number of other shady revelations emerged involving the other members of the accounting Big Five and continued to give fodder to critics and regulators. For a short moment of time, there was a significant drop in college admissions for accounting programs. However, the incident has served to strengthen the accounting industry and they have resurfaced stronger than ever, with a more stringent code of ethics and failsafe checks. As it should be, because let�s face it, what would the rest of us do without our money managers?

With this freshly in our minds, Myhelpassignment is duty bound to ensure that its� student not only be academically equipped, their sense of duty and ethics must also be consolidated and strengthen. With that in mind, our tutors in accounting are using a holistic approach to their coaching methods. Although the primary objectives remains the same - which are, ensuring our students excel in their accounting studies and achieve good grades in their accounting exams � we are emphasizing the ethical considerations that will affect them throughout their careers.

Of course, our expert help on accounting is always available in the face of a request for an urgent help on accounting-based issues. In fact, all of our assignment help on accounting and homework help on accounting remains as relevant and enlightening as ever. This is further strengthened by our always on time and ZERO PLAGIARISM guarantee for all customized papers.

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  • students
  • Foundation of Economics
  • Accounting for Special Procedures
  • Cash Funds
  • Plant Assets and Depreciation
  • Business Law
  • Inventories
  • Notes Payable and Receivable
  • Accounting for Partnerships
  • Ethics in Accounting
  • Business and Accounting
  • Taxation Framework
  • Transactions and the Accounting
  • Assets, Liabilities and Owner�s Equity
  • Entries to General Ledger Accounts
  • Cash Control and Banking Activities
  • Payroll Liabilities and Tax Records
  • The Accounting Cycle for a Merchandising